The World’s First Sony 1.3 MP Sensor SWIR Camera responding visible to SWIR

The World’s First Sony 1.3 MP Sensor SWIR Camera responding visible to SWIR

AVALDATA Corporation is pleased to release a wide-range, high-sensitivity ABA-013VIR SWIR camera adopting the Sony InGaAs SWIR image sensor which was released in May this year for the first time.

Loaded with Sony IMX990 image sensor, ABA-013VIR

  1. Seamless image acquisition covering a wider range from visible ray to SWIR
  2. High-resolution image, 1280(H) x 1024(V)
  3. Also supports both GigE and CameraLink interface.

There have been increasing needs of more accurate inspections in the field of semiconductor, agricultural goods, foods, medicines and cosmetics, to name a few. As this newly-developed ABA-013VIR allows the inspection of the objects in visible light as well as near infrared area, there will be a variety of industrial applications to be covered by this camera, in terms of defect inspection, alien substance inspection and material sorting, etc..

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  • Supporting a seamless image shooting which covers a wider range from visible light (400nm) to near infrared(1700nm)
  • Realizing a high-resolution image shooting(1280(H)X1024(V) with 1.3MP resolution(SXGA)
  • Realizing the refining of inspection precision with up to 5μm pixel size
  • Supporting both GigE and CameraLink interface

Sample Images

Picture 01

Once using the ordinary color camera ① salt ②MSG ③sugar are all shown in white color.
However, once using SWIR camera, it can distinguish one from other, depending on the moisture level
(ex. salt looks brighter than the sugar).

Picture 02

Picture 2) shows dried condition of the breads.
① bread left out for long hours ② bread came out fresh from the package
Although visible light cannot detect the difference between the breads, SWIR camera can.


Model ABA-013VIR
Sensor Resolution : 1280(H) x 1024(V)
Pixel size : 5um x 5um
Effective chip size : 6.4mm x 5.12mm
Sensor Type Focal Plane Array(FPA)
Spectral range 400nm ~ 1700nm
Interface Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T) / CameraLink
Shutter Global shutter system
Frame rate CameraLink : Up to 134.7fps(8bit) / 71.5fps(12bit)
Gig.E              : Up to 61fps(8bit) / 30.5fps(12bit)
Main functions Status LED, internal cooling mechanism, external trigger, ROI, field upgrade function
various correction functions (DSNU, PRNU, pixel defect, shading, LUT)
Cooling Single-stage thermoelectric cooling (TEC1)
Trigger Internal/External,
LVTTL input 1,
Open collector output 4,
EIA-422 input 2 (can also be used with LVTTL input2)
Gain 0dB ~ +12dB
Input Voltage DC +12V ~ DC+24V ± 1V
Power consumption TBD
Lens mount C-mount
Dimension 58(W) x 58(H) x 90(D) mm (Excluding the connector part)

Camera image