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The high-speed analog board of the Aval data [Express Converter] series is an A/D & D/A conversion board series developed to correspond to measurement equipment, inspection equipment, and communication equipment applications that require sampling speeds of 400MHz〜3.6GHz bandwidth. By combining high-speed ADC device and PCI Express IP core technology of Aval data, it realizes the data transmission to PC without the loss from high-speed sampling. It has multiple transfer modes and various trigger settings as standard that enable various use depending on the application. For series products, a portion of the on-board FPGA is opened to the user and customization according to the user’s purpose is possible.

Product Selection

Model Features
APX-5056 (NEW) Sampling rate: 500MHz, Resolution : 16bit, Input : 4Ch
APX-5360G3A Sampling rate: 1.8 GSps, resolution: 12 bits, Input 2ch
APX-5200B-1 Sampling rate: 1 Gps, resolution: 12 bits, Input 2ch
APX-5040 Sampling rate: 400MHz, Resolution : 14bit, Input : 2Ch


Stream mode

Mode in which continuous data acquisition is possible

Sequence mode

Mode in which trigger conditions are executed sequentially.

High-speed data transfer mode

The Express Converter series has two sampling modes “stream mode” and “sequence mode” for high-speed data transfer.

FPGA customization

In the Express Converter series, there are products that can install customer’s signal processing on the FPGA mounted on the board.
Also offers the FPGA development environment and source (FPGA projectors, sample source, register access tool) for customer development.

Supports various trigger conditions

Analog trigger
– Edge Trigger : Critical value (Higher / lower) condition
– Pulse Width Trigger : If either one of the threshold (upper limit / lower limit) and the pulse width (less than or equal to) is satisfied

External trigger
LVTTL Signal Level Trigger : Condition of active edge

Soft trigger
Condition of active edge

Variable trigger position
Any size can be stored under analog trigger / external trigger condition. (Pre trigger / Post trigger / Delay trigger can be set arbitrarily)