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Hi-speed optical communication board, GiGA Series

Avaldata GiGA Series is a high-speed optical communication board with up to 80 Gbps of data transmission, ideal for high-capacity data transfer and distributed systems development. There are GiGA CHANNEL standard and GiGA CONNECTION standard, depending on the data transfer method.
GiGA CHANNEL connects the shared memory on the GiGA CHANNEL product installed in each node, connected with the optical fiber cable in the Loop method. The frame containing the data is transferred simultaneously to each connected GiGA CHANNEL board. This is the way to connect frames with data and send it to the each GiGA channel Board at the same time.
GiGA Connection method is Point to Point transmission of the data between GiGA Board. In other words, it is connected by line method and used.

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GiGA Speed

All protocol processing is done by hardware Reduce software burden

Because frame control is done on the hardware side, there is no need to be conscious of the protocol from the software side.

H/W Protocol Features

  • CRC check function
  • Error check at transmission / reception
  • No collision occurs by token method
  • Guarantee data transfer time

The maximum transmission speed is 80 Gbps Maximum distance between nodes is 300 m

We offer products with 2 Gbps products up to 80 Gbps, with optimal transfer speed for customer’s environment. Even as a long distance transmission line, the distance between nodes can be up to 300 m. Up to 128 nodes can be connected.
(Note: The number of connected devices and the distance between nodes varies depending on the product.)

Easy connection between different platforms

The GIGA series has drivers for Windos, Linux, VxWorks and several OSs. There are variations in product shape such as PCI / PCI Express compatible products and PMC products, and card type products that can be installed in customer’s products. Even when the platform types are mixed, you can easily connect.

Process distribution

Noise-resistant, stable communication

Gigabit Ethernet is used for large capacity data communication between devices, but there are various problems to be examined such as speed limit, communication stability, and noises. The GiGA series solves the various problems by using optical fiber cable. For GiGA CHANNEL products, communication delay image can be predicted, so CRC check function and cable disconnection point can be specified.

GiGA CHANNEL evaluation tool AWP-GiGATool-01

In order to immediate evaluation of the GiGA CHANNEL product, evaluation tools for the board are prepared.

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