Intuitive Software with Ease of Usea

We provide intuitive software and drivers for the customers to use AIP, Embedded System,
GiGA CHANNEL, CONNECTION, Digitizers easily and efficient way.


SDK-AcapLib+ is software for using our Opt-C:Link products. Integrated Development environment is 「Visual Studio」 and programming language 「VC++」・「VC#」・「VB.NET」 are available.

SDK-TransFlyer is for software for using our products of CoaXPress and Gig.E interface. Integrated Development Environment is 「Visual Studio 2008」 or higher version and it is programmable with 「VC++」. The system is working in the OS Windows 10/7.

SDK-AcapLib2 is software for using CameraLink board basically, and Integrated Development Environment is 「Visual Studio」, and it is programmable with 「VC++」「VC#」「VB.NET」. Following functions and service are provided to the customer.

  • Various Drivers for CameraLink,CXP / VirtualCOM
  • Viewer tool for image grab
  • Sample codes for programming (VC++ / VC# / VB.NET)
  • Sample codes for accessing 3rd party library (OpenCV / eVision / FVX / WIL / HALCON /MIL / Sapera / VisionPro / CVL)
  • Manuals (Library manual / HW manuals, etc.,)

GiGA CHANNEL Evaluation Tool

  • Shared Register · Read/Write memory
  • 1,2,4Byte of shared memory & image display
  • Fill and write random data in shared memory
  • Stereo display
  • Doorbell
  • Speed / Velocity Measurement
  • Write object from shared memory
  • Write object to shared memory
  • Control board by script

  • AWP-ADCTOOL-01 : Evaluation tool for A/D, Displaying waveforms of sample data, etc.
  • AWP-ADCLV-01 : VI Library for A / D LabVIEW
  • AWP-DACTOOL-01 : D/A Evaluation tool can generate Sine, Squarer, Triangular, Saw tooth wave
  • AWP-DACLV-01 : VI Library for D/A LabView
  • As a development tool, it provides various tools
  • AWP-LOGTOOL-01 Collect log of Driver or SDK