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There are two types of viewer software, which should I use?2018-11-05T16:20:18+00:00

If you install Ethernet Camera Control Software “SDK-transFlyer” of our company, both viewers will be installed. Based on the purpose of the use, pleases select the appropriate programs.

IR camera
This program allows you to control camera shooting, video display, and simple settings.
Camera settings can be operated with limited control (5 items) and intuitive GUI for easy operation
All functions provided by the camera (LUT, various calibration functions, etc.) are not available for this program

This is the software used mainly for developers.
All functions of the camera are available, but the difficulty for the operation is higher than IRcamera.

What is the maximum length for the available optical cable?2018-11-05T16:20:25+00:00

From 0.5m to 150m is available, but it varies depending on the functions of optical cable you use.

(*8 Gbps, OM3 cable usage is the standard)

What is the ini(initial) file?2018-11-05T16:20:32+00:00

It is the file with the setup information for each camera when using CL Board. By loading the ini file, it automatically set up for the selected camera at the internal library. During the library installation, Ini-files of cameras that have been tested compatible with our CLboard are provided and they can be downloaded from our website as well(Go to Download)

If there isn’t the specific model you want, please contact the sales department or press “Here,” to request the ini file for your camera model.