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Analog Interface 4ch compatible Frame Grabber

  • Equipped with 4ch image input circuit, it is possible to acquire synchronous / asynchronous between each channel
  • Supports NTSC interlaced/ non-interlaced camera and monochrome camera
  • Corresponds to random trigger mode, pulse width control of exposure time is possible
  • Image input resolution is 8 bits / 10 bits
  • Equipped with independent gain / offset circuit
  • 256 Mbytes of frame memory (FIFO format) is installed
  • DMA function is installed in each image input Ch, so high speed image transfer is realized
  • Equipped with 16 points of DIO input / output (TTL / open collector: input 8 points, output 8 points)
  • Power supply to the camera is possible (the power supply is required separately with the PCI – e card edge)
  • PCI-Express × 1 short size board
Model name APX-3504
Image input Signal format: NTSC monochrome interlaced scan, monochrome non-interlaced scan
1/30 frame capture and others * 1
Input: 4 ch
Sync format: External synchronization (cannot be synchronized with the camera)
Input resolution: 8/10 bits
Aspect ratio: 1: 1
Sampling clock: 12.273 MHz others ※ 1
Image input size: 640 × 480 other ※ 1
Camera output signal Sync signal output: HD / VD
Output level: High impedance 5 Vp-p
75 Ω termination 2.5 Vp-p
Trigger output: TTL 5 V
memory 256 Mbyte
GPIO Input / output level: TTL / open collector
Number of input / output points: input only / 8 points, output only / 8 points
System bus 1 PCI Express 2.0 Gen 2 (2.5 GT / S)
Power supply + 3.3 V 120 mA, +12 V 1.4 A: PCI – e (when the camera is not supplied)
+ 12 V: Dedicated camera power supply (powered by dedicated connector)
Operating environment Temperature: 0 to 50 ° C Humidity: 35 to 85% (no condensation)
External dimensions 167.65 mm × 111.15 mm, 1 slot
weight 160g
Supported OS Windows
Environmental response RoHS

* For 1 Supported camera, this module supports the following scanning methods as a standard method.

– NTSC camera (e.g. / SONY: XC-ES50 / XC-ST70 etc.)
– Standard speed progressive camera (e.g. / SONY: XC-56, Toshiba Teli: CS 8550i, etc.)
– Double-speed progressive camera (e.g. / SONY: XC-HR 50/57, Toshiba Teli: CS 8560 BD etc.)
Correspondence to the format other than the above is considered separately.

– The specifications and appearance stated are subject to change without notice.
– The current consumption does not include inrush current.
– In order to use the product correctly, be sure to read the instruction manual before using the product. In addition, use the product under conditions applicable to the product warranty.