Express Converter

고속 A/D 변환 보드 시리즈


16bit, 160MSps high speed sampling, 4Ch A/D conversion Modul

  • Using high speed ADC with 16bit / 160MSps sampling

  • Configurable up to 8 x ADO-1616-STD with APX-761F

  • External trigger input 2 channel, External clock input for each 1 channel

  • General purpose DI · DO for 34 ch(IO : 16, OUT 10, IN 8)

  • DDR3-SDRAM (2 Gbyte, maximum size for each 512MB) is installed as FIFO Memory

  • Memory transfer is possible without using a CPU with a built-in DMA controller

  • Equipped with Update function of FPGA data

Item Specification
Model name ADO-1616-STD
Input channel 4ch
Sampling clock 160/128/80/64/40/32/20 MHz
Resolution 16bit
Frequency 80MHz  -3dB(LC filter included)
Maximum input voltage range ± 5V
Analog Input SFDR : -80.5dB @ 160MSps, Fin10MHz FS-4dB
SNR : -71.2dB @ 160MSps, Fin10MHz FS-4dB
ENOB : 11.3bit @ 160MSps, Fin10MHz FS-4dB
CROSSTALK : -80dB @ 160MSps, Fin10MHz FS-4dB
Input range AC : 4.6Vp-p (50Ω) 31.8KHz -3dB
DC : ± 2.3V (50Ω)
AC : 3.8Vp-p (50Ω) 31.8KHz -3dB
DC : ± 1.9V (50Ω)
Input impedance 50Ω
Input external trigger Number of channels : 2
Signal level : LVTTL (5V Available)
Input Circuit : Power protection
Input impedance : 1KΩ / 50Ω
Connector shape : SMA
Input external clock Number of channels : 1
Signal : 0.6Vp-p~3.5Vp-p (sine wave / square wave)
Frequency : 10MHz ~ 100MHz
Input impedance : 50Ω (AC coupling)
Connector shape : SMA
General purpose port: DIO Number of channels : 34 (IO : 16, OUT : 10, IN : 8) + GND
Signal level : LVTTL
Input Circuit : Power protection
Connector model name : HIF6-052PA-1.27DS (71)
Customer Logic : Customization available
FPGA Kintex-7
Optical I/F Protocol GiGA CHANNEL (AVALDATA Original)
Optical I/F Transmission speed 6.25Gbps
Optical I/F communication method Optical fiber : 6.25Gbps × 1ch
Optical Mode : Multi Mode, Max length between nods : 150m ※1
Laser Type : 850nm, VCSEL laser Class1
Optical I/F Connector and Cable Fiber Size : 50μm, Connector : LC
Optical I/F FIFO Memory 2GB (Max. 512MB per Ch)
Optical I/F Maximum number of connections 8 nodes
Power +12V (±8%), 2A
Usage environment Temperature 0~50℃, Humidity 35%~85% (no condensation)
Demension 170mm× 140mm (not including protrusions)
Environmental response RoHS
– The specifications and appearance stated are subject to change without notice.
– The current consumption does not include inrush current.
– In order to use the product correctly, be sure to read the instruction manual before using the product. In addition, use the product under conditions applicable to the product warranty.

ADO-1616-STD can be connected and transferred data to GiGA CHANNEL board APX-761F for PC.
The maximum usable distance between ADO-1616-STD and APX-761F is 150M.

APX-761F can connect up to 8 (Ring Type) ADO-1616-STD as shown in the figure.