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Why Avaldata?

Aval Data is always committed to providing “A’VaLue’ to our customer. ‘AVAL,’ is our management philosophy and the word describes our identity. The word AVAL is a combination of the initial of the word the describes our company attitude “consider first”, and the initials of the word “electronic” that represents our technology.

AVAL + u [user oriented + e [e-solution] = A’VALue

We constantly think about the ‘Value’ that our customers need, and we guarantee the skills and quality of our customers with a flexible mind, and we provide the service that is faster and more agile than anyone else.
We consistently question ourselves about the “A’VALue” that our customer needs. We ‘Assure’ our ‘Advanced’ technology and quality with flexible(‘Available’) mind and try to provide ‘Agile’ services to our customer. From the early days of the Japanese electronics industry to over a half century, Aval Data has adopted the technological development that market needs, been tried to developed the industrial electronic equipment and succeeded on developing the stable and innovative products. Under the philosophy of “A’VALue,” we can provide the products and services that can meet every market needs, which has been changed and developed rapidly, through our advanced technology, development ability and decades of experience.

Embeded technology

Based on our abundant know-how accumulated in the industry that requires high reliability, Aval Data has the key technology, design ability, and software technology that can help the customer’s problems comprehensively.
Based on high-density, high-performance design, and Real-time OS, using ASIC and FPGA, we can back up the customers’ business with our key technology, such as embedded software development, machine vision system image processing, and communication network.

Hardware Durability and reliability

In order to improve reliability, reduce product cost, speed up development, we adopted FPGA as the key device of product design first. We will pursue cost-efficient performance through a selection of devices to optimum design tools and design methods with our abundant know-how. Through the circuit verification, including the simulation, we evaluate our hardware quality thoroughly. we can promise our customer that we will develop reliable products in a short period of time.

Real-time OS Utilization

Aval data has the specialty on utilizing of OS such as TornadoII (VxWorks), OS-9 and I-TRON with long experience in embedded fields such as semiconductor equipment and industrial robots. Also, Aval data expertizes in utilizing general OS that is used in various areas, such as Windows and Linux. The key point to safely manage the system is the experiences and know-how on a mission-critical system. We also added New technologies, such as IEE 1394 protocol stack, remote monitoring framework of JAVA environments and package for image inspection equipment, to meet the various demands.

Image Processing Expertise

We’ve been researching, putting into practical use the image processing technology, such as development of module of image input and processing, ASIC image processing design, image processing algorithms (image correction, image quality improvement, feature extraction) and image compression & decompression technology for large volume data transmission, which has the growing demand in the machine vision fields. This enables flexible respond with cameras that are becoming increasingly high-definition and high-speed. We will respond to the demand on the technical system by developing the advanced technology such as the development of contactless 3D measurement device with research results.

Incorporating information and communication skills into the industrial area

The core technology underlying the modern industrial society is the information and communication skill. We support the highly layered network system and communication module development with our know-how, by supporting from a filed bus that controls the motor and sensor to the information system network. We provide the high-efficiency communication modules and protocol with the optical fibers in the high-speed and high-capacity communication environments. We also committed to providing the network monitoring technology and security technology that can secure the safety of communication and perform the reliable operations. We also provide an embedded solution that matches the communication network to the customers’ needs.