Avaldata’s product portfolio for various applications

We provide the products required for designing various applications such as image processing,
distributed computing, ultra hi-speed data conversion and process, etc., based on high-performance.

Avaldata has been developed many types of products required in diverse business environment and
in industries necessary for technical innovation and proposing them to the customers.
With our moto “Further super high speed products”, advanced technology and service in 3 areas of our expertise,
“Embedded technology”, “Image processing” “hi-speed communication” are provided which are high speed analog data processing,
new point of view for SWIR camera inspection, big data analysis and processing.

GiGA Series
GiGA Board   [View more]

Hi-speed Digitizers
Digitizers(DAQ)   [View more]

Software & Drivers
Intuitive SDK, Evaluation tool, sample codes, Etc., are provide for ease of use and system design. [view more]