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GiGA Board

Process distribution

Reduces Takt Time and improves Systme.

Image capture and processing for high-resolution and high-speed cameras is also possible by using parallel processing. By reducing the Takt time, the image processing system can be improved. Parallel processing of data is the optimal processing system for customers who use multiple items, from configuration by I/F for video processing boards to configuration using proprietary optical communication.

Types and characteristics of distributed processing

Type 1

Type 2

분산 /병렬 데이터 처리로 2 종류의 유형, 4 종류의 제품 구성을 제안합니다.

Propose 2 types and 4products configuration for the distributed / parallel data processing
First, Direct connection to board and placement of data using dedicated cables such as CoaXPress or CameraLink (picture : Type 1), With this method, the distributed parallel image processing is possible without the overhead loss.
Second, The type of variance using a dedicated GiGA channel for the avalanche data (Figure: Type 2). Input data is stored in shared memory on the GiGA CHANNEL board and distributed at high speeds on each node, enabling parallel processing.

Directly output the input data from the camera Type 1 : APC-3664 + Distribution BOX

Configuration of CoAXPress APX-3664 and AEB-3664:

xample of a configuration using CoAXPress I / F Support Board.
Distribute input data from CXP Quad cameras to multiple APX-3664s with BOX AEB-3664. Outputs input data directly and enables systems with high slew rate. CXP cable also provides camera power.

Directly output the input data from the camera Type 1 : Opt-Clink and ASB-1300T6 series

Opt-C : Link ASB-1300 series configuration :

Opt-C : Link ASB-1300T6 series + optical board series configuration example:

The small image processing platform ASB-1300 has its own OPT-C: Link. With ASB-1300, it easily distribute the image. In order to realize the high slew rate, directly out the input data from CameraLink Camera and GigE camera. Opt-C: Link enables high-quality transfer over long distances and noise physical strength.

General Purpose 2: GiGA series placed on one input board

A CHANNEL APX-782 configuration example:

iGA CONNECTION APX-7402configuration example:

General purpose type of distribution on one input board. Uses the high-speed optical communication board GiGA Channel. Distribute data imported into memory at high speed to shared memory on the GiGA CHANNEL board.
The GiGA CHANNEL connects to the shared memory of the gigabit channel product installed on each node using fiber optic cables.
Because there is no conflict, the execution rate can be predicted, the noise tolerance is high, the communication protocol processing performs the hardware and reduces the burden on the software.
Giga Channel products combine with image input boards for easy parallel processing.


Directly output the input data from the camera Type 1 : APX-3326-CLIO (Under developmet)

Camera Link APX-3326-CLIO configuration development

High slew rate system performance is achieved by outputting input data from Camera Link I / F cameras directly from APX-3326-CLIO. It enables a system that keeps costs down