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Noiseless High Speed Hardware(FPGA) data Compression Board

  • Equipped with lossless compression IP made by Stream Technology
  • By changing the configuration data, products with expanded IP can also be provided
  • Implement preprocessing that is expected to improve the compression rate in order to increase the compression ratio by about 20%
  • Provide expansion DLL for compressed IP loaded products and compressed DLL for expanded IP loaded products
  • PCI Express 3.0 (2.5 GT / s) x 8 lane supported
Model Compressed IP installation: APX-LLC 01 -C
Extension IP installation: APX-LLC01-D
FPGA Stratix V-GX series (Intel) × 1
Memory capacity DDR3 SO-DIMM : 533.33MHz (DDR3-1066) 2GB
Status display LED mounted on front panel
Temperature monitoring FPGA temperature measurement, FAN rotation speed monitoring
External dimensions (substrate) 217.65 mm × 111.15 mm (not including projections)
usage environment Temperature: 0 ° C to + 50 ° C
Humidity: 35% to 80% (no condensation)
Environmental response RoHS
스Stream data compression Compression rate (theoretical value): 56.25% (Best)

This product has stream data compression technology of stream technology Co., Ltd

– The specifications and appearance stated are subject to change without notice.
– Power consumption does not include inrush current.
– In order to use the product correctly, be sure to read the instruction manual before using the product. Also, use the product under the conditions applicable to your product warranty.

Compression speed of APX-LLC 01

Configuration example of image data compression system

Compression ratio by image

Type : Mono 8bit (Bitmap)
Resolution: 1280×960
File size: 1,228,878[Byte] Compression Rate (Image 1)
Compression Rate (Image 2)
Compression Rate (Image 3)
Compression Rate 1<2<3 The more uniform image files achieve higher compression rate Speed Comparison: Compression IP vs. ZIP Speed Measurement: Compression IP -> Checking time from parameter setup to complete compression plug
ZIP compression ->Measuring execution time of compression library function (excluded file output time)

Type: Bayer 8bit(Bitmap)
Resolution: 1280 x 960
File size: 1,229,878[Byte] Compression IP
Compression Speed (time: 1.3ms)
Release speed (time: 0.87ms)
ZIP Compression
Compression speed (time: 111.9ms)
Release speed (time : 3.0ms)

ZIP advantages better compression rate. However, in terms of speed, Compression IP is overwhelmingly faster.