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Frame Grabber

Camera Link

CL PoCL Lite 4Ch Frame Grabber

  • Connect up to 4 PoCL-Lite standard cameras
  • Each channel can operate either synchronously or asynchronously
  • Large capacity onboard memory of 256 M Byte
  • Equipped with strobe timing output for each camera
  • 12 external trigger inputs ports
  • Software: Provide dedicated SDK (SDK – AcapLib 2)
Model APX-3311
Supported camera Camera Link PoCL-Lite standard area camera
PoCL Correspondence
Image input I / F : CameraLink Base Configuration × 4
Sampling clock 85MHz (MAX)
image data 10bit (MAX)
Sync output
(Camera control signal)
General-purpose output 4 channels, asynchronous
I / O Input External trigger / general purpose input Application
Photo input x4
TTL input x 4
RS422 input x4
* External trigger: Selectable from 12 inputs for each channel
* General purpose input: OR input of 12 inputs,
can be used as an Event factor
output Open collector output for strobe x 4
Open collector output for general-purpose output x 8
memory 256MByte
Event Image input start, DMA end, general purpose input
Other functions Line inversion, Bayer conversion,
serial communication for camera control (Virtual COM)
System bus PCI Express 2.0
Gen 2 (2.5 GT / s) × 8 lanes
Environment Temperature: 0 ℃ to 50 ℃, humidity: 35% to 85%(no condensation)
Dimension 167.65 mm x 111.15 mm, panel width 20 mm (without projections)
Supported OS Windows 10 / 7 each compatible with 32/64 bit , Linux
Software (option) SDK-AcapLib2
– The specifications and appearance stated are subject to change without notice.
– Power consumption does not include inrush current.
– In order to use the product correctly, be sure to read the instruction manual before using the product. Also, use the product under the conditions applicable to your product warranty