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SWIR(Shortwave Infrared) Camera

Hyperspectral Imaging Camera

With the hyperspectral camera, it can simultaneously acquire two-dimensional spatial information of XY coordinates and data of wavelength axis (spectrum information). In AHS-U20MIR, wavelengths of 1300 nm to 2150 nm are spectroscopically separated at intervals of 9.6 nm with 192 pixel lines and acquired as spectral information of 96 bands.

Model name AHS-U20MIR
Image Sensor InGaAs sensor two-stage electronic cooling
Number of effective pixels: 192 H (space) × 96 V (spectroscopy)
Pixel size: 50 μm × 50 μm
Spectral wavelength 1300 nm to 2150 nm
Spectral resolution 50μm
Reverse Line Dispersion Resolution 196.1μm / mm
Wavelength resolution 9.6 nm
interface Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T)
Shooting method Line sensor method
Video S / N ratio 50dB
Lens mount C mount 1 inch
Line rate /
Exposure time
Minimum exposure time 1 μs Maximum line rate 867 FPS
Maximum exposure time 1 ms
Gain × 1 to × 4 (about 0 dB to +12 dB)
Black level 0 LSB to 127 LSB variable (at 10 bit)
PRNU luminance unevenness between pixels correction
DSNU Non-uniformity correction in dark scene
Defect pixel correction Dark & Bright field correction, Mask function
Shading correction Flat shading correction ON-OFF
Cooling Sensor cooling with Peltier element (built-in Peltier in sensor)
Heat dissipation method: Forced air cooling by thermo cooler
Cooling capacity: ambient temperature -25 ° C (at natural air cooling)
※ However condensation occurs due to temperature / humidity
Power supply Input voltage: camera section DC 12 V ± 1 V / cooling section DC 12 V ± 1 V
Power consumption: camera section 9 W / cooling section 9 W
Operating temperature / humidity 10 ° C to + 30 ° C / 20 to 80% (without condensation)
Storage temperature / humidity -10 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃ / 20 ~ 80% (without condensation)
External dimensions 80.5 mm × 134 mm × 329.5 mm (Not including protrusions.)
weight 2500g
standard GigE Vision®, GenICam, GenICam GenTL compliant
Environmental response RoHS
Software development kit GigE Vision: SDK-TransFlyer (type name: AZP-ACAPTF-01)
GigE Vision, GenICam, GenICam GenTL compliant
HySight: (model name: AZP-ASP-02) Viewer for hyperspectral camera
– The specifications and appearance stated are subject to change without notice.
– The current consumption does not include inrush current.
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